Tim is no stranger to Provence - visiting frequently for the previous 25 years. But then in 2006, he purchased a house there while continuing to work within the UK where he was an Infinity and Smoke artist in London’s Soho, a role he had enjoyed for the last 20 years. During this time he worked on TV commercials, broadcast promos and programmes for most of the UK’s leading TV companies, his main clients being BBC, Discovery Channel, FilmFour, Channel 4 and MTV.

After attending college in Norwich he found himself working in Television for Anglia TV, but in 1984 he moved to London to work there and he found he was employing many of the same skills in his video editing that he used in his photography. So, when he moved to Provence he began to catalogue some of the scenes he found there, using his original medium - the stills camera.

Having been an avid photographer since the age of 14, following in his grandfather’s footsteps, he used to develop and print his own photos in the dark-room overnight and sell them to newspapers and magazines, concentrating largely on motorsport events. It’s the light in Provence that inspired him, rendering scenes so clear and vibrant, and it was this that he endeavoured to capture in some of his photographs, though very often preferring to use his talents as a colourist to create a timeless feel and ambience sympathetic to the region.

Early mornings and evenings however, are usually the best time to capture more evocative colours and emotions. He became more enchanted with the whole of the Mediterranean region and has begun to travel more extensively there in order to chase the ever-changing light and different weather conditions in the seasons, to capture and share it.

In 2010 Tim returned to the UK and moved back to his ‘fatherland’ of Norfolk. It was a very different prospect visually, to the intense light of Provence, but he found that it was actually more inspiring for photography in terms of mysterious atmosphere, with it’s huge skies and beautiful, varied coastline. There was certainly a good supply of subjects to be tapped into. He had been born by and lived only 50 meters from the sea until he was 18 and is always drawn to any body of water, but especially the sea.

As well as his land and seascape photography Tim also now carries out freelance photographic and commissioned work and will soon be launching a series of workshops based in Norfolk with the possibity of some to follow in Provence too.
Tim still continues with his TV work in London in parallel with his photography, often seen with his trusted Kerry Blue Terrier alongside him at the coast early in the mornings.